Dr. David Ley provides a range of coaching, therapy and clinical services.


Dr. Ley provides consultation regarding clinical and sexuality therapy needs. These consultations may be provided in person, or via encrypted teleconference systems. These services do not constitute the provision of clinical treatment.  

Dr. Ley provides limited coaching services to individuals and couples around sexuality issues. He has extensive successful experience assisting people who are struggling to integrate their sexuality into their lives in a healthy and effective manner. He has helped people to address issues regarding male sexuality, LGBTQ issues, pornography use, consensual non-monogamy, cuckolding and kink.  

Dr. Ley is licensed as a clinical psychologist in New Mexico and North Carolina.
He provides clinical services in those states.  

Individuals, couples or groups interested in obtaining consultative services from Dr. Ley should contact him to obtain his fee schedule for services and arrange a first appointment.